Are you watching?

  • Sep 19, 2020

the waters were ruddy,

soft and warm

with the sunset

in the harbour


in them

bobbed up and


a green skiff

moored to the seabed



ironic, I thought

for a traveler

a wanderer

to be anchored

Does it not want to ride the waves

to explore

the broad blue ocean

and splash around

with its sea-faring friends?


I waded out towards it

to seek answers

as my gaze

clear as water caught it swaying in synchronicity

with the wind

and the waves

was it


making ripples and waves

on a silvery stage

while all other boats

big or small

far or near

moved in unison

like a ballet


to the far right

was a barge

majestic and ghostlike

it disappeared and


from behind the pall of fog

and piled high on it



colorful and

as big as rooms

the crane

tall and slender


moving its arms

like a conductor

in a tux


a flock of seagulls

enchanted the skies

with an intention to plunder

as floating heads

in bright colored swimcaps

nosed their way between

boats and ducks

buoys and gulls

moving in mile long circles


a middle aged couple

their hands entwined

and faces illuminating

with joy

walked ashore

as my gaze followed them

like an audience would follow

a light in a play

across the stage


the sound of music

in the waves crashing on the rocks

the chitter-chatter of the people

rustling of the trees in the wind

the sound of passing cars

and my breath

masquerades as silence


and strangers unpacking homemade


join me

to watch this orchestrated performance

a play

a rendition

by nature

for no one or for everyone

no tickets, no charge

for a play

whose ending

I’m still


~ fin ~